Saturday, April 19, 2014

Two blue sleeves

It has been a sunny holiday weekend so far, with interesting blues in the skies.  My thoughts have turned to two blue sleeves which I very much admire:
Titian's man with a quilted sleeve (from here) is glorious - that expanse of blue, I'm sure feels just like the silk I am quilting at present.
I am so attracted to Vuillard's women's clothing.  I can feel all those crisp blouses, this (from here) being a bright well ironed cotton, I'm sure.


  1. The Vuillard blue is so vibrant, life-enhancing. The Titan, like you say, just like your work. Both, glorious.

    So much art around, so many ways of seeing - a real blessing. Aren't we lucky to have all this, as well as being able to appreciate it.

  2. Eirene, so much art indeed. I do like to revisit favourites - often in preference to taking in even more new things. We are lucky in so many ways.