Friday, April 25, 2014

Preparing for a trip

The day after tomorrow we are setting off North, first to about the middle of the land mass on this map (from here) for a week.  We always like to pre-inform ourselves as much as possible, and usually stay in places which provide wifi in order to keep up that flow of information (we used to take a box of books).  We do not like wasting time faffing about - and we still always find our trips are full of individual delights and surprises.


  1. This whole area is very special for us. We are on our way north to the Dee Valley, to Kincardine O'Neil, just east of Aboyne at the end of next week. The walks and the views are unbeatable when the weather is kind. May we have weather good enough to let us enjoy them!

  2. Have a great trip! I look forward to photos and reading all about it as it is foreign to me yet fascinating in its ancient history and beauty, I'm sure.

  3. Margaret, what a coincidence. We are going to Clatt, just North of the Don, and will move on to Lairg in Sutherland when you come up. I agree about the weather.

    Marja-Leena, this area does not get as many tourists as the Highlands and Islands and Edinburgh, but the history and archaeology are fascinating - and the landscape is stunning in different ways.

  4. You talk of individual delights and surprises - here is a thought, if you can pick this up via your wifi. If you haven't discovered it already, you might like to investigate Migvie Kirk near Alford in Aberdeenshire. There is an impressive Pictish stone in the kirkyard of this tiny church ... and a great surprise and delight inside the church. As you open the door, the lights come on ... but I will say no more and leave you to investigate if you can ...

  5. Thanks Margaret, I shall put it on our list!

  6. A sunny morning in Strathdon, just left hand down abit of the centre of your map!!
    Lots of things to see in the area, Migvie a must as it contains modern artist's work as well as the Pictish Stone. Hope it sets you off on an adventure and that you enjoy the countryside.
    If you want to see it from the air you could take a gliding flight!!