Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Part two of the trip North

After the Pictish stones we drove to the East coast to wander up to Catterline and the Creel Inn for lunch.  (It is not possible to see the view shown on their website except by invading someone's garden.)
Catterline was where Joan Eardley lived for part of the time, and painted - outside, even taking her canvases down the steep drop to the beach.  Below is Salmon Net Posts, from here.
And here are some more examples.  A Youtube film shows the area beautifully - but here are my snaps anyway:
Just inland from Catterline are two stretches of yellow landscape: the one I have always known, with gorse,
and the new sight (for me) we were passing: oil seed rape.
And as we were driving away from Catterline I saw two fields full of narcissus.  It is extraordinary how long Spring has lasted for us this year: it started early in late February down at the Southernmost tip of Cornwall, and now we are still enjoying daffodils, little lambs, and fresh leaves emerging up here in northern Scotland.
We visited Dunnottar Castle next (my camera batteries gave out at this point), and then driving inland for a while, at the end of another warm sunny day we arrived at our destination for the next few days: Mar Lodge.  I am sitting in the white armchair as I type this.


  1. Beautiful images of the sea. Thanks for the painting by Joan Eardley - I have not come across her work before, and I need to explore further.

  2. Eirene, unfortunately not many people know about Joan Eardley. She painted two main subjects: children and landscapes - and I much prefer the latter.