Tuesday, April 29, 2014

On our way there (part one)

The trip started with a day's solid driving to take us up to Dundee where we paused for the night.  This made the ideal starting point for our first stop on the way to Aberdeenshire: Meigle.  The Sculptured Stone Museum has one of the best collections of Pictish stones - and the best (we were assured) collection of Pictish stones found locally to its museum.  Meigle is a small village, and we arrived just before the museum opened, so catching sight of a café we thought we could park there, have a coffee, and then walk to the museum.  The café is the Joinery Coffee Shop, and the aroma of freshly baked scones hit us as soon as we opened the door.  Delicious!  (We had to move the car, however, because the coffee shop is so popular.)
The day was starting out perfectly: sunshine and warmth, fresh scones and fresh coffee, and a fascinating museum with an excellent steward. 
The stones are of red sandstone, mostly from the 9th century, carved with symbols, animals, and people, telling stories on one side and with a decorated Christian cross on the other. 
The Pictish Stones site has lots of information.  Here are more of the snaps I took - as you can see the sun was streaming through the windows of the former primary school which is now the museum.
This above is carved on the side (edge) of a stone, and the outline is used as the logo for the museum.


  1. This looks fascinating, Olga. It's on my list of places to visit! Somehow, once we reach the Dee Valley, we rarely go back towards Dundee except to visit the wonderful sandy beaches round St Cyrus or to go to the Montrose Basin. Both those two are worth a visit if you have time. You've just tempted me south!

  2. Great to hear you made it to our favourite museum and a lovely church on the hill nearby. Hope you made it to Arbroath Abbey too!

  3. Margaret, it certainly was worth the visit, and as Dundee was our pausing point, very convenient for us. We then drove on to Montrose and up the coast.

    Hello Judith. We did not pause any longer than time to visit the Sculpture museum on this trip as we were really making for your part of the world. Perhaps on another of our trips to Scotland.

  4. I love the Pictish stones - wish I could see them in person so thanks for the photos.

  5. Marja-Leena, they are quite something, and it is extraordinary that in my childhood and youth I was never taught anything about them. Well, I'm catching up now!