Thursday, March 13, 2014

Tidying up

This is now our final evening of an excellent week here in Cornwall.  Both of us have had a good time in our separate activities, and a lovely day together in Sennen.  Here are just a few details which I took for my perhaps-could-be-useful files:
This is a cattle grid, taken from the side.
These two are objects on a skip by the National Trust office at the Levant mine.  The tram lines below are also part of the Levant mine works as is what I think must be part of a pipe showing through the eroded ground cover - but looks like a rusted arrow head.
The sunshine was certainly memorable, and I was strangely drawn to the mounds of brambles everywhere - strangely, because we have lots of them at home!  I just loved the way the bare stems shone - but I also liked them in the mist this morning.
And here is the view of the house that I saw as I returned from my walks, with Higher Bal behind (part of the Levant complex).  I discovered that many women and children also worked for the mines, the women being known as Bal Maidens.


  1. My grandfather worked in the mines in Cornwall before emigrating to the US. I'm finding your posts really interesting

  2. Karen, have you ever been over to visit the mines yourself? Geever mine gives thorough tours - my husband went on one this time, and said that it was fascinating.