Wednesday, March 26, 2014

On a roll

I don't know what sparked it, but this last batch of sea scribbles in Cornwall has been fruitful.  This is the one I've been working on today.
The blue is printing ink, from cleaning an etching plate a while back.  I have kept quite a few of the tissues that I used to clean etching plates for just such further use.
I wanted to give colour to the body of the figure, but to keep the rest simple, so I took a bit of earth - I had scanned these stones years ago, and have used them many times since.  This time I took the very large stone as a base.  It came from a bay in West Wales.
I have used two orientations of the sea scribble, and now it is more or less ready for printing and then stitching.
I also printed a design done a while back on a scribble from last year's trip to Cornwall.  As ever now I have masses of stitching to do!


  1. These are fascinating, Olga. What a fruitful trip you've had to Cornwall! It's really interesting to see you working through ideas and to get a glimpse of how you put your work together.

  2. These are beautiful, Olga, very evocative.

  3. Thank you both. It certainly seems to be a fruitful time just now. I am glad, however, to be building up the piles of stitching for the lean times!