Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Off to rocky shores

Kurt Jackson: The miners pool oil and collage on canvas, from here
In a couple of days we are off South to the Cornish coast for a few days.  I say South, but I don't think of even the southern tip of Cornwall as such, mostly because South to me means the shores of the Mediterranean.  I embrace Cornwall within my idea of North: Cornwall to me means rocky shores and solitude.  Of course we have to go as far out of season as possible to achieve the solitude - and even that is proving difficult these days.
Kurt Jackson: The evening tide comes in with the silence acrylic and sand, from here
The contemporary Cornish artist who leaps to my mind is Kurt Jackson, whose paintings are above.  The work of mine which resulted from our shorter visit to Cornwall this time last year is Silkie, waiting, stitched, but not quite finished (below is the design file).
This time I am hoping to get some reading done (Philip Guston, Collected Writings, Lectures, and Conversations) as well as occasional stitching of work in progress - and who knows what might come from strolls by the shore. 


  1. Your blog is always a mine of useful information on artists and the art world and this post is no exception. Kurt Jackson is again new to me. The paintings you show evoke the Cornish coast wonderfully for me so I will investigate further. Thank you.

  2. Oh, I am envious! Cornwall has a special place in my thoughts, probably from reading too many novels set in the area, plus I love coasts too. When we were in the UK in 2009, I had hoped to go there but there was not enough time.

    I love your Silkie - hope you'll show us the stitched piece when it is done. Have a wonderful time away!

  3. Silkie, Waiting, is beautiful Olga and I hope that you finish it soon. Have a great time in Cornwall, one of my favourite places - I am envious.

  4. Margaret, I hope that you enjoy finding out about Kurt Jackson and his work. The Lemon Street Gallery site has a lot - and many other interesting artists too.

    Marja-Leena, do not feel envious - just think of the glorious coast you live near and which I would love to explore. The house we are renting has wi-fi, so I hope to post some snaps while we are there.

    Eirene, I'm glad you like the Silkie piece. I hope that it will be included in a photography session mid month. Thank you for your good wishes - I'm hoping that the weather will be kind to us.