Sunday, March 09, 2014

More sunshine!

My view at breakfast, looking South from whence this astonishing warm weather is coming.  We could not have chosen a better week so far this year.
Also enjoying the sunshine:
A pause once more on the bench
to savour the view
and to be inspired by the sea to make some sketches
in my specially constructed tiny book of various papers, including sheets of tissue formerly used for cleaning etching plates, held down against the blustery wind by judiciously placed elastic bands.  In a situation like this I use only pens and brush pens (Faber-Castell Pitt greys, black, and terra).


  1. How very fortunate you are with the weather! The area looks so beautiful in your photos. I'm so pleased for you that this vacation is turning out so well.

  2. The views are breathtaking and the little sketchbook is adorable!

  3. Thank you both. Yes, it is extraordinarily lucky that months ago during such storms and rain we picked this week to come here - and it was chosen because it clashed least with other commitments rather than any kind of weather seer skills we might have!
    We will certainly try to make the most of it.