Monday, March 10, 2014

An outing further South

The main purpose of this trip is so that my husband can concentrate on photographing one bay in particular, and other bits and pieces.  Today, however, we decided on a joint outing to Sennen Cove.
The waves were lively today, but not quite as dramatic as last month!  The sunshine was glorious once more, and we had the place largely to ourselves.  It was bliss for me to get so close to the sea, and walk on the beach amongst such extraordinary rocks - note the shag (or cormorant - I can never tell the difference) on this egg-shaped rock.
We spent most of our time in Sennen Cove, but made a little trip to Porthgwarra on our way back.  I did not make it down to the beach this time - even my walking poles could not help with this slope.  But I met a man on his way down for a swim!  He was in a wetsuit, but even so, ....


  1. What a lovely area this is. I spent many happy childhood holidays in Devon and Cornwall but always in the busy tourist season. How lovely to have that coastline almost to yourselves - and bathed in beautiful sunshine. I envy you.

  2. I can just smell the sea air! Gorgeous in all that sunshine and so quiet for you. Love the photos!

    I can imagine how different it would be in heavy storms, just like our west coast at times. Storm watching is quite popular with some tourists and even we got caught one time when the power went out for a while.

  3. lovely blog you have Olga. Shall return again.

  4. Margaret, it is indeed bliss to have this weather now.

    Marja-Leena, storm watching has been popular here too, and the news had to give out warnings for folks to stay away. But I must admit that being able to watch from safety was thrilling the two times I have seen storms.

    Judy, welcome. I really like the Ray Bradbury quote on your blog.

  5. very nice blog,the photographs of the rocks with some strong shadows are interesting.enjoy reading your blog,thank you Olga!

  6. Thank you Vijaya. The sun was indeed delightfully strong (although the air was chill, especially in the shade), and I took the pix at about mid day - hence all the shadows.