Saturday, March 08, 2014

An excellent location - and good weather too!

Yesterday afternoon we arrived at the foot of Cornwall, just North of St. Just - we always forget just how long it takes to drive here - not far off the time it takes us to drive to Scotland.  We are incredibly lucky with the weather: fingers crossed that it stays this way for a few days at least.
The house we are staying in is lovely: the open plan sitting/eating/cooking area upstairs with the ceiling right up to the roof has the views down to the sea, while the bedrooms are cosy downstairs with lower ceilings.  Definitely a sensible way round.
This morning my husband set off early to the stretch of coast he wants to photograph, and I emerged tentatively for my first walk.
The immediate area is awash with mine ruins and chimneys.  This is the first one I encounter in my walk from the house to the sea.  There is a paved road down to the Coastal Path and the Levant Mine.  I was getting used to my new walking poles, and the fiercely buffeting wind, so lots of opportunities to look at details on the way!
A short distance along from the Levant mine buildings there is a most convenient bench with a view.  A great place to pause with my binoculars, and to do a little sketch of the sea.
I was astonished to read that at the Levant mine they extracted copper and tin from way out under the sea.
I returned fresh and happy, if a bit blown about - and discovered the down side of having the living area upstairs: the stairs!  But now that I'm up here, it's a cup of tea and my book in front of the great view until my husband returns to regale me with his exploits.  Bliss.


  1. Beautiful countryside Olga glad you enjoyed your walk.

  2. Yes, Jacqui, this was just the starter. Today is gloriously sunny, and I hope both to get further and to remember my spare camera batteries!

  3. Lovely. A good choice for a break - I love Cornwall and have not been for a while. Like you say, it takes so long to get there, so somehow, we always choose other places to go too. So, enjoy, take lots of photos, and walk as much as possible. The weather forecast for this week is wonderful.