Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Stoneware 20 x 19.5cm
As I like to vary my longer reading with a short story in between books, so I enjoy making small pieces of stitched work at the same time as working on much larger, longer projects.  Today I finished stitching this little piece.
It was inspired by a photo I took of the stone walls of Jedburgh Abbey last Autumn, and part of which I have used as the background.  The figure had been in my Bodies file, awaiting its appropriate fate for some time.


  1. Love both the photograph and 'Stoneware' and it's lovely finding out the process of your thinking and of your work by following your blog.

  2. A lovely, gentle piece. I feel I can well see the love of the potter for her craft in the pose of the figure and in her hands as she caresses the pot - beautiful.
    ... ( and if you'll excuse the thought - I'm so glad your 'Bodies' file reveals nothing more problematic than this ...)