Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Some morning delights ...

on the way to the Post Office to pay the paper bill:

steady sunshine with warmth,
strewn twigs everywhere, like runes telling of storms past, yet leaving openings in the canopy through which more light pervades,
the heron stalking its way down the path, as if a character from Trollope,
the egret sunning itself on the far side of the pond,
friendly villagers, telling tales of other joyous sights such as the two swans setting up home on the flooded field at the other side of the village,
two 19th century graves, deep in the dark northern recesses of the graveyard, carpeted completely with snowdrops,
clumps of snowdrops at different stages approaching the permanent shadow of the old lych gate,
the first delicate blackthorn flowers between the thorns on the hedge surrounding the churchyard,

all leading to optimistic anticipation of an imminent Spring.  Perhaps a good day for paying a contribution to the voluntary arts and sports tax (the lottery)!


  1. Lovely scenes painted with words. I especially love: "strewn twigs everywhere, like runes..."

    Spring is around the corner!

  2. Thank you both. I am delighted to say that this morning is full of sunshine again. The hellebores in the garden, the pulmonarias, the primroses all are blossoming beautifully, and strong spikes of green are thrusting up soon to be narcissus.

  3. Your runic twigs have led me, via a search for "river teeth", which is how I remembered a twiggy piece recently seen (where??), to this artists book, which you may enjoy -
    (found it!) Pat Hickman's River Teeth are at

  4. Margaret, thank you for the links. I must dig out the Surface mag.