Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Remembering a Scottish artist

During the 1960s I lived in Edinburgh.  I had already started my art postcard collection of which several were pinned up on my bedroom wall.  Two prominent favourites were paintings by a then living Scottish artist, Anne Redpath, and both paintings were and are in the collection of the National Galleries of Scotland, Edinburgh.
White tulips 1963 61 x 91.5cm oil on hardboard (from here) was one, and my favourite, below, was the other.
The Indian Rug (Red Slippers) 1942 73.9 x 96.1cm oil on plywood (from here), which particularly piqued my interest with its odd angle - looking down as one would in life.
I think that her self-portrait looks more severe than her paintings suggest, but  with self-portraits that is not necessarily unusual.
Self portrait chalk on paper (from here)
There are two reasons why I have remembered this artist now.  The first is my current reading pile which includes all sorts of books on Scotland.  The second reason is that an encounter (which I wrote a post about the other day) with the work of artist Simon Lewty led me to the discovery of a fellow artist Susan Michie, who turns out to be the grand-daughter of Anne Redpath.
It has been a pleasure to remind myself of that enticing angled look at still life, as well as her landscapes.
A Still Life of Flowers in a Vase 54 x 59cm oil on canvas (from here)
Mainly Grey and White 1957 77.5 x 97.8cm oil on board (from here)
Landscapes above are from the Portland Gallery site, as is the delightful still life below, which I find a positive look forward to Spring (with luck without wind or rain!).


  1. How beautiful and gentle these are. I'd come across one of Anne Redpath's landscapes, I think in the gallery in Aberdeen, but these quirky interiors are a new delight. Yet another great reason to go to Edinburgh on our next visit north.


  2. How clever of you to research some more and find a connection between Anne Redpath and Michie.

    I really like Redpath's paintings that you have posted, and this is another reason why I need to go to Edinburgh, and soon.

  3. Margaret and Eirene, beware that the paintings may not be on show. Unfortunately Anne Redpath has fallen out of the forefront of fashion, and you should both check before making any detour or journey specifically to see her work.
    But, having said that, the collections are great anyway - and if you have not been to Edinburgh Eirene, it has so much to offer.