Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Found while looking North

I am very much enjoying my stroll through Peter Davidson's The Idea of North: notes, meanderings, essays, ... that lead me in the direction of further paths for my mind to wander.  One such path was an immediate visual hook: the cover illustration.
This is by artist Reinhard Behrens, who has created his own world: Naboland. At first I was intrigued and attracted by the illustrations of northerly aspects of Behrens work.
 Eskimo Garments, pastel and pencil on board, from here
 Incident on Glencoe, from here
This particularly because that is the direction in which I am faced at present, and I enjoy the clarity and definition of the individual elements individual and as a landscape.
 Carrot Onion and Rust, coloured pencil, from here
But I am also drawn to the idea of making a world of one's own experiences - a personal world within the larger world.


  1. A very attractive idea, making a world of one's own experiences...

    The illustrations are very attractive - placed just so.

  2. Yes, his pictures are rather like a museum display.

  3. Yes, these are indeed attractive - like object poems or visual diaries.

  4. Yes, Marja-Leena, they are indeed. On a more mundane level, inspired by these lovely still lifes I started thinking that I could make a kind of memory book of all the objects around us at home now that I am trying gradually to downsize.

  5. Within various larger worlds, perhaps. It's one of those essentials that I find necessary in collage -- connecting to context that I can understand, so it's not entirely enigmatically personal. And the placement of the objects tugs at me.