Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Double bonus

Life class this morning was the last of this half term, and it was certainly worth the dreadful drive to get there (steady rain made the spray from the other vehicles like fog - and then snarl-ups with impatient bad behaviour).  The model had become traffic-ensnarled to such an extent that he gave up - so five of us took turns to model. 
The models were therefore clothed, and this was my first bonus.  I so enjoy the added interest of clothes - and perhaps it makes the drawing easier in that there are more points of visual measurement.  I realise too that I enjoy drawing the textiles, the folds and bumps.
This apron was a delight to follow in its contours.
The class teacher - or supervisor, as we are not actually taught but guided should we desire - is leaving to have a baby.  So we shall have someone new after we return from our half-term week off. And the second bonus is that instead of five weeks we shall have an extra session to make up for the lack of professional model today!
 I did the final modelling session, holding an increasingly rather heavy book, and not facing a mirror, so was not able to do a self portrait!


  1. I agree about you about the added interest of the clothes - I feel like that as a viewer as well.

  2. Eirene - one of the difficulties I find with drawing the nude is that I feel disengaged. The model does not feel like a real person, and so the activity becomes very much an exercise.