Friday, February 07, 2014

Browsing back numbers

One of the side benefits of the life class is the deep window ledge full of back numbers of art and print magazines.  Flipping my way through the Winter 2008 issue of Printmaking Today this week led me to another Scottish artist - one whose work I had not previously encountered, but to which I'm greatly attracted.  It was one of Sara Ogilvie's  Mexican prints which drew my eye: Urban Composition D.F., and I was pleased to find that her whole Mexican portfolio is similarly delightful.
(Image from here)
(Image from here)
The screenprint, Paradise Patrol, above is from her Hither and Thither series, and I particularly like her 12 Labours series.
I also found that she is an illustrator of children's books, and I thought about what fun I could have had commissioning her in my previous incarnation as a publisher.

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  1. I first looked at the illustrations for children's books and thought how delightful they are. But I was also very taken with the Mexican prints - well, everything really. A new artist to enjoy - thanks, Olga.