Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A break in the weather

This last Sunday we went to the Royal Academy architecture exhibition Sensing Spaces: Architecture Reimagined.  We passed the first exhibit in the courtyard without knowing it, but were intrigued by the yellow columns, and on our exit - this view - we understood what they were about.
These by Alvaro Siza Vieira and two arches indoors by Eduardo Souta de Moura are the simplest of the exhibits, and with an elegance easily overlooked.  The film shown at the end of the exhibits, and covering all the architects in this exhibition is excellent, and an illuminating addition to an already thought-provoking group.
For elegance and beauty, however my favourite is the project by the Pezo von Ellrichshausen practice.  I had read that this structure allowed visitors to examine closely the decorations round the ceiling of the gallery.
Because of my knackered knees, I thought that I would have to miss out on the experience, but at the back I discovered the gradual ramp climbing up to the top.  Glorious!
The beauty of the detailing in this project was amazing, a delight in every view - wondrous.  This is indeed a fascinating, thought-provoking exhibition.  I am looking forward to reading the catalogue, and watching the architect videos again.
Margaret Cooter has also posted about another of the pieces, by Li Xiaodong.


  1. Well, Olga, you got there before me - again! I hope to go next week if train services from our town have resumed service.

  2. I hope that you enjoy it, Eirene.

  3. Hoping to get to see this exhibition thank you for the photos Olga

  4. I hope that you enjoy the exhibition, Jacqui. Actually the arches by Souta de Moura are an interesting version of blind embossing in concrete!