Thursday, January 30, 2014

When I'm supposed to be working on something ...

I am busy with two pieces of work at present, well under way, and what I have scheduled myself to work on consistently.  However, there is no accounting for what my mind gets up to, and this morning something dropped into place.
Last year I put these two figures together.  They felt right, but I had no clear idea of anything beyond that.  I was not sure what they were doing, thinking, saying, ... so they were left on the back boiler, where I did not consciously think about them any more.  But the back of my mind is quite an active attic, and suddenly I knew that there was an elephant in the room.
Now that that's returned to my back boiler, I shall get on with what I originally meant to do this morning! 


  1. The 'active attic' of the mind is a wonderful image. It so clearly embodies all the stuff that seems to buzz around in my head even when I'm thinking on the surface about something quite different. In fact, I think it works best when left to its own devices, unconscious and free-wheeling. Still, if I could only pin down a few more of those vague ideas, what I could achieve!

  2. I too love the 'active attic' image and it made me smile too. I worry though that my 'attic' is so very full that some of those images get totally lost and forgotten at the bottom of the pile!

  3. My problem is an over-active attic sometimes, and as Marja-Leena says, trying not to lose too much of the quiet stuff that does deserve further contemplation.