Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Today's objective

Back to the life class this morning, and a female model today.  I arrived much earlier today, and was able to have a pleasant chat with the teacher.  I still feel very much the new girl not only to this group, but also have not settled so well as I did in my initial life class all those years ago.  Early days, however, and besides, much water has passed under many bridges since those days!
My intention today was try two techniques: blind drawing rather than reproduction, and to use an oil based crayon.  Perhaps I should not attempt two methods at once without some practice first; but I was not too displeased.
The papers we are offered as part of the fee are white, putty, blue, and green.  I wanted to use a pale oil pastel, so started with white on a green sheet of paper.  The watercolour was brushed on once I returned home (in fact you can see that it is still damp!).  Unfortunately the paper is not robust enough to take wetting to any extent.  But the oil resist worked as well as I had hoped.
The first and the second images were short poses, and frankly they worked best for the blind drawings.  Too long and I tended to over work, and to mix blind and straightforward drawing.  The second image also shows white oil pastel on green paper.
For the longer poses I tried yellow and pink oil pastels on the putty-coloured paper.  I was now thinking about the exercise too much and made a greater mess than previously, but I was pleased just now on my return home with how the watercolour wash worked over the coloured resist.  Also I was interested that the charcoal I'd used and then sprayed with fixative in class did not run under the onslaught of the watercolour brush.
I hope that next week I might be able to relax a bit more.  I shall take along some watercolour paper of my own (despite the Scot in me baulking at not sticking with what is provided as part of the fee!). 


  1. These are beautiful and haunting, Olga.

  2. These are lovely - the top two drawings especially - and what a good thought to wash over with watercolour - most effective. I will try it ...
    Blind drawings are a favourite of mine since I discovered the technique a couple of years ago and I do them often at the start of work and in idle moments.
    I find they work best when used quickly. Like you ,I over work them if I have too long and start 'cheating' and then they lose their spontaneity and that special something that comes with looking hard at what you're drawing not what you've drawn.
    I am really enjoying following your progress through this class - fascinating - thanks for sharing!

  3. Lovely work, so free and playful especially with the watercolour wash over the drawings. I like the second and fourth most. How wonderful for you that the life drawing class inpires further work/play at home, Olga.

  4. Thank you all three for your kind words. I must say I'm grateful to you because I had great difficulty with this model and far fewer of my drawings brought any satisfaction. However, I did fulfil the day's objective - and it is so good to have outside eyes make me look again at what I have achieved.