Friday, January 31, 2014

The pitfalls of overworking

The last post was an admirable illustration of just how carried away to the detriment of a piece I can get!  I now love the simple outline drawing of the original, and detest the 'clever' idea of the second design!
It's good to take time, and to look, and look again. 


  1. Maybe you got a bit carried away in the opposite direction? I like both, they're just very different. The colours in the one you 'detest' are wonderful and it's such a strong statement. So, all part of the process....

  2. Eirene, I agree about the colours - but it's just the elephant in the background which is so wrong. Time, time, time..., it's just not its time yet.

  3. I agree with Eirene - the colours in the second one are lovely.
    Knowing when to stop and accept and leave well alone and when to go on and change ... so hard. I battle with it all the time and so often unpick and restitch or else leave alone for a while for thoughts to percolate. I think for me that's the process but I also get impatient and want things resolved and finished and that can lead to disasters!