Thursday, January 23, 2014

The joy of stitching

(Penelope's garden 2005)
There is something so joyous about stitching: the design done, only the stitching decisions to be made, the mind mostly free to roam while the fingers busily calm the body.  At present I have the luxury of sitting in warm surroundings while thinking about the crisp cool, the cold of the North.  Although I am thinking of blues, the colours I am stitching are yellows - warm in my hands to balance the cool in my mind.  I wonder what work will arise from these thoughts.


  1. A beautiful meditative piece, Olga.

  2. I used to do a lot of embroidery in my teens and twenties, so I really relate to what you are saying. Maybe I need to take this up again.....Very soothing.

  3. Thank you Marja-Leena.

    Eirene, it is a wonderful way of 'allowing' oneself time to think.

  4. This is lovely, Olga. I can sense the calm in that bent head looking at the accumulating pile of stitch on the knee.
    Although I love the challenge of the designing and trying out and what ifs,the whole process holds insecurities that seem to evaporate once I take needle in hand and begin to stitch.

  5. Thank you Margaret. I think that part of the joy of stitching is simply the act of actually making something - and that that gives one the satisfaction of accomplishment.