Friday, January 03, 2014

More than just a five year plan!

At the end of last year I saw on Planet Textile Threads that Thelma Smith asked 'How are you going to spend the next decades?'  I have more or less been asking myself that ever since my mother died at the end of 2011.  By the end of last year I was beginning to think about taking first definite steps.
(design-in-progress for lino cutting)

This image illustrates where I am, I suppose.  It's strangely like how I felt when I graduated, left home, and got married - all more or less at the same time, over four decades ago.  This time, however, I have a past to draw on - or to overcome - but, it's largely a process of moving forward with positive intent.
Of course now I am aware of the awaiting grim reaper, so the intent is to enjoy while I can: look, learn, inquire, create while I can.  And to expand horizons through the delights of the blogosphere too.  
I like the map I made for myself on my last post of the past year: 'I'm ready to find definite paths down which to wander, ....'  Whether the wandering will take four decades (if I am to live for almost as long as Thelma intends to!) I doubt, but it's a fine start for the next of life's adventures.


  1. I am so pleased for you that your work is developing so well with a renewed focus. May it be a great year!

    And thank you for sharing your thoughts - you are an inspiration!

  2. Thank you Marja-Leena, I think that so many blogs provide us with support, inspiration, and thought provoking material. I very much enjoy yours too, with our interests coinciding in several areas.

  3. A death or a disaster does make a big impact in your life and your priorities. Like you, it gave me a drive to create and to produce art. thanks for your thoughts

  4. Thanks Vicki. Yes, this time marks the coming together of my freedom with the retirement of my husband, and also thoughts of downsizing, ... so definitely new horizons.

  5. I love this piece - it's really thought-provoking. I see real echoes of your recent Janus post in the two figures - you looking back at your past self or ahead to the new and perhaps a separation of the one from the other and change ahead. Or am I imagining things that aren't there?

    I've been slower to comment on this post than I usually am because I've been thinking about what you said - you so often do make me think, for which thank you.

    The question of how to spend the next decade ... and the awaiting grim reaper and not as much time as one would want ... are also in my thoughts. Having come late to the delights of textiles when I retired 6 years ago, I so identify with your philosophy of looking, learning, enquiring and creating as much as I can, while I can. It so summarises how I feel.

    Thank you ... and a exciting and creative New Year to you!

  6. Very much the way I feel about my life at the moment, Olga, so it was good to see a reflection of my thoughts and feelings in your post. Like you, the priorities are enjoyment first of all, and then learning. One's appreciation of life, nature, and the world in general is so acute as one grows older, such a blessing! Like most young people, I used to think that getting older would be the end of so many things, but I was so wrong - different priorities, different way of looking at the world, but oh so intense still, and so joyous. And retirement gives you the time and energy to do all the things that you did not have time for...

    The image expresses so much of all of that, I think.

  7. Margaret, Eirene, thank you both. Yes, I had never expected to feel a sense of beginning again. It is strange, but like any adventure, compelling!