Thursday, January 02, 2014

Came up for air

On the whole over this festive period the weather has been conducive to my hibernation.  However, on one day after Christmas and before the year end the sun shone so bright that it was impossible not to go to the seaside!  So we set off for Hayling Island.
The pebble beaches are extensive there, providing lots of space for everyone in Winter.  The picture below shows Portsmouth in the distance.
Astonishing because of the wild weather in previous days - and returned subsequently - the sky was blue and the sea fairly calm.  There were surfers, but they had to go a long way out to catch any waves.
There were a great many extremely happy dogs ( I do wish their owners would pick up their crap!  Right under the sign declaring this a Blue Flag Beach was a pile of the stuff!)
There are a great many beach huts - these are just the ones on this beach; the island has a kind of bell bottom which is more or less all beaches, and which all seem to have beach huts.
I particularly liked this one:
because I for one certainly do like to be beside the seaside!


  1. I love the little huts and especially the last one with its lyrics that sum up so perfectly why they are there at all.

  2. Yes, the words go all round the hut. I've never seen one that is remotely like that before.

  3. What a lovely thing to do in the middle of winter - I bet there were not many people about. And of course, love the beach hut.

  4. Eirene there were lots of people there, but the beaches are so extensive that there's space for everyone. In the 80s we once managed to escape family and took a picnic to Studland Bay on Christmas Day. It was otherwise completely deserted, and being relatively mild was a fantastic experience. On returning a few years ago the place was completely overrun by people and dogs!