Thursday, August 22, 2013

All work and no play ...

... except of course that my work is play, and my play work.  
Right now it's stitching by hand, and stitching by machine, and stitching by hand, ... so as a wee bit of a change I move from the stitching chair and the machine sewing chair to the computer chair and scribble.
Sometimes I have an idea of what I want to portray.  All my images express thoughts and my feelings about those thoughts, and often I deliberately set out with a visual design in mind.  More often than not that last fails, or if it succeeds it has changed considerably.  For instance my violinist with accompanying birds also acquired substantial thorns from our ubiquitous brambles:
Thorn scherzo - as shown previously
My recent scribblings also have veered towards an element which I had not conjured consciously - that is a dipping into.  A second drawing done before the woodcut course, and keeping in mind the possible / probable requirements of the technique came from goodness knows where in the depths of the attic that is my mind:
I see that some remnants of the brambles or perhaps winter trained tree growth have surfaced once more.  I imagine that a psychotherapist would have a field day!  The dipping is new, however - at least I think so.  The only other design that could be described as dipping - and this in an indirect way - is Home made soup, completed in 2010 when I was in a completely different frame of mind.
But here we are again, with basket or bowl, my recent scribbling with no particular forethought nor end use in mind has produced a woman with hand poised to ... dip?
What I do like about my subconscious mind, however, is that the ambiguity does not have to be worked at by the conscious mind; it pops up pre-prepared from my jumbled accumulations of input and experience.  Like a sudden click which clunked into place when tidying my Body files the other day (1. tidying is another procrastinating / diversion activity; 2. Body files are drawings of bodies that I scribble and have not yet done anything with - e.g. the pic above is destined for the Body file) - and this happens reasonably regularly.  But not when I am trying to match or collage drawings - it is a glimpse which sets it off.   In this case the result is not complete, but more complete as a combination than the two individual elements.
I drew the first inspired by a jewellery brochure based on an amalgam of the way the models held their bodies, but I was not inspired by the neckpieces so simply put in something temporary - and thus it has stayed for years.  Potential, but as yet unsatisfactory.
The second was a scan of a doodle which again had possible potential, but not immediately as it is.
Then the two seemed to want to go together, making something with more potential, but still not enough as yet.

This still needs to remain on the back burner for however long it needs.  And I need to return to my stitching.


  1. I saw the first one, with the proto-thorns, as a hiding-away rather than a dipping into, and the hand poised above the bowl looks almost like it has decided not to dip after all!

  2. Yes Margaret, I think there is quite a bit of hesitation there.