Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Pre-match outing

On Sunday morning we popped in to Hyde Park to see this year's Serpentine Pavilion.  The architect this year is Sou Fujimoto, and there is an interesting video review of the pavilion here (after the wretched advertisement!).
As ever, we arrived early, and the staff from the adjacent gallery were setting up the chairs and tables.
 While my husband prowled around taking photographs, I sat in the shade enthralled by the theatre unfolding before me.  The cafe was taking shape, dog walkers were passing in curiosity, folks were exploring the clamberability of the the structure, ... a delightful Sunday morning in the park.
Once we were allowed inside, it was rather like visiting a three dimensional mathematical dream, being a Liliputian in a Brobdingnagian net curtain - especially when looking at the Serpentine Gallery,
or, yes, I think I remember walking through a Susan Hiller piece that was made up of suspended long white drinking straws - ? - at the Hayward Gallery, years ago - ? (I must look that up.)  It shone extra white in the strong sunlight (and I was pleased that I had taken my parasol), with the circular discs above creating a fascinating abstract.
The discs are designed like slates on a roof to deflect any rain down beyond the seated coffee drinkers - but I wonder how well they would work.
We did not get any coffee, however, because although the place filled up with thirsty folks, the manager of the bar with the key to the till had not yet arrived!  At the back left of the pic below you can see the poor barista explaining - again.
We strolled back, past the Fischli/Weiss Rock on Top of Another Rock, a piece which reminded me of the to me much more impressive Balancing Rocks in Zimbabwe
This year's pavilion is interesting and attractive, but it is not one of my favourites.  I just hope that the weather stays fine for the duration of its presence in Hyde Park.  
The drive out of London was a bit prolonged because everyone wanted to be out somewhere, but we were home in plenty of time for the ultimately historic Wimbledon gentlemen's final match.

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