Friday, May 17, 2013

Our patch of 'wild'

Lately we have been thinking a lot about living with deer and pigeons.  This morning I saw our usual deer in next door's wetland meadow.  I love seeing them there, but of course they don't stay in the 'wild' area.  They love the tender shoots on so many of our shrubs, the tops and flowers of so many plants, and last year devastated my vegetable leaves.
Then later this morning I went to another Open Studio: that of Sadie Brockbank.  Getting there from my village to hers did not take long, but involved narrow country lanes with lots of trees, ponds, bluebells, and a feeling of being remote from the urban.  This transportation to the domain of the animals was completed at my destination.
Sadie's work in two and three dimensions is full of the Spirit of the Animals.  Her beautiful pieces evoked for me so many of the folk tales which I used to read, and shadows of which haunt the recesses of my memory.
Her collages are delightful, and made me wish that I was still commissioning picture books.  But like the wolf above, I was just passing through.  The work is life-enhancingly spirited, however, and gave me great joy.
Once more I saw the home and the display but not the actual workplace.  Both of the Open Studios had work in progress to show, and I suppose it must be enough of a faff to get the display ready without also having to tidy one's studio.  Besides, I suppose few of us want the admiring hordes to tramp through one's private space.  So now I am back, and uplifted, ready for a full afternoon's work.