Friday, February 01, 2013

More drypoint and chine collé

The frustrating aspect of printmaking is the waiting.  Today I collected last week's work, and it will not be until next Friday that I'll be able to see how today's flimsy experiments turned out.  So the work below is pre-flimsy.
I am obsessed with chine collé, as is apparent if you have been reading for any time.  Last week I tried three experiments.  The first was a failure, but only as a print (not that many of my prints are successes anyway!) - as my purpose is to provide myself with starting points for computer work, conventional failures are but opportunities for manipulation.
In this case the addition was the red tissue which was supposed to be behind the bulbous bits of the seaweed.  They were not meant to be exact, but even so they were so small that they curled up once the rice paste (glue) was on, and then the overhead air heating encouraged them to drift as I was waiting for the press.
Then I went on to my usual sheet of tissue paper prepared with fixed soft pastel.  I did two of these, preferring the second which is a little darker:
And finally - just for fun, because I knew that the image would be mostly lost against the dark background - I tried using another of my ink-cleaning sheets of newsprint as the chine collé.  (I know that this is not archival, but as I said above, I am primarily interested in producing images to scan, not to leave for posterity.)
Nonetheless, I was pleasantly surprised, and this one could well be used for contributory elements in the eventual design mix.  Now that I have discovered the possibilities of flimsy, however, I shall be trying that with this drypoint next week.

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