Sunday, October 28, 2012

An embarrassment of riches

Yesterday was one of those days that are usually found in novels: bright bright sunshine, clarity, and bitter cold, so that Autumn colours stand out and are precious in their final hurrah before the wind and frost disperse them.  It was obviously a day for Kew Gardens.
We love getting there as early as possible, to savour solitude amongst the trees awhile - although the place rarely feels full if away from the refreshment points.  We were keen also to see the David Nash sculptures and other work, and were lucky enough to have the Shirley Sherwood Gallery almost to ourselves.  Here there are smaller works, films, pastels, and other bits and pieces, and fascinating it all is - the lighting designers have some fittingly attractive photos.  I did not ask about taking photos in the gallery, and did not want to distract my eye from drinking in as much as possible.  And this blog has a comprehensive post on the whole David Nash exhibition.
I have come away enthused and inspired - what a week of invaluable input I have had!  And the books still to read!  No printmaking this week as it is half term, so I shall devote my extra time to reading.  Here are some of the snaps I took:

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