Thursday, October 25, 2012

A real treat

Yesterday my duodidactic friend and I drove up to Compton Verney to see the centenary exhibition of tapestries woven at Dovecot Studios
What a treat it was to see so many beautiful, stunning tapestries hanging on the walls.  The difference between the two dimensional small reproduction and the actual textile, its depths, textures, the hand of the maker(s), even the smell of the wool struck me forcibly.  That is why I illustrate this post with images of the process rather than the finished articles.
So many brilliant designs, exquisitely executed by artisans who are so often happy to be noted on the back or the edge of the tapestry, and to be admired through the quality of the work.  What an extra dimension the weaving, the thread, the subtle combination of colours, and the different fibres give.  It reassured and confirmed me in my choice of medium as a means of expressing myself.
I have been reading Radical Thread, the 50th anniversary publication of the 62 Group, and Lucy Brown's statement contained a sentence which struck me as so appropriate for so many textile processes - mine as well as the tapestries we saw yesterday.  'The time the work takes to make, is part of the end result.'  This is very much what satisfies me too. 
My friend has let me borrow her copy of The Art of Modern Tapestry: Dovecot Studios Since 1912.  I am very much looking forward to reading it and prolonging yesterday's real treat.


layers said...

thanks for sharing this tapestry is completely out of my realm of experience as a paper collage artist which is why it is so interestint.

Olga said...

I'm glad that you enjoyed it. There is something so deeply satisfying to me about being able to see time and consideration manifest in the essence of tapestry woven work.