Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A few moments to spare on a drizzly day

I went into town today to get my hair cut, and was about ten minutes early, so I thought I'd pop into the local museum which is but a few steps away from the hairdresser.  The Willis Museum often has interesting travelling exhibitions, and today was no exception - indeed it was a delight!  There is an extensive collection of Katagami on show.  This is the collection of artist Maxine Hullock.
Unfortunately I have no pictures of the stencils from the exhibition itself, and equally unfortunately the room was very dim indeed, which made seeing the delicate shapes almost impossible.  However I have been inspired to do some Google searching, and there are many links through the images page.
I find it extraordinary that at present I have been thinking in terms of lino-cut design along these lines, and along comes another fascinating ingredient just when I wasn't expecting it!

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