Sunday, January 01, 2012


This year I am determined to sort myself out.  I've already started on the practical side by beginning the move back into our annexe.  Previously my occupation of that space was what I called my studio, but after my mother came to stay with us, and then became ill, first the computer, and then other things moved into the main house, so that the room remaining to me was nominally the sewing room, but in reality it was the dumping room.
Now I can call it the studio again.
I have so much to sort out, including unfinished items - who doesn't?  And like so many others it is difficult to decide what to do with them.  Well, I have found an excellent spur to help me deal with such dilemmas.  Mentioned in the current issue of Embroidery is the Unfinishable project.  They have been and are still gathering unfinishable items which they will document, and will thence become part of a large textile piece.
I have parcelled up my piece The pose to post to them.
I designed and prepared this in a hurry when my mother went into hospital - so that I would have something small to stitch when with her.  I stitched it all, except for the purple: intensive, all over stitching while she was dying.  And so I cannot bring myself to finish the piece, nor simply to throw it out.
The Unfinishable project is an ideal solution for me, and has made me feel even more positive about the sort out.  A good and interesting start to the year.


marja-leena said...

I like this piece but understand your wish to not finish it. The Unfinishable project sounds fascinating and I could use something like that to clear away many proofs and pieces I keep hanging on to, thinking I will do something with them. They are taking up much too much of my limited studio space.

The Idaho Beauty said...

This post has caused me to stop and think. I hold on so tightly, even to things that can bring pain. Your ability to both put so much of yourself into this and then let it go is instructional. I am soothed by the fact it is not just going into the trash or the unknown. It will live on in another form just as your mother does.

Olga said...

Sheila, yes, it was such a brilliant solution, and popped up just when I needed it.
But as both you and Marja-Leena say, there is so much STUFF that we produce - often after a lot of hard work - that is no good for anything except sighing over each time we think about tidying up.