Tuesday, January 03, 2012


Yesterday I finished reading Jane Stevenson's excellent biography of Edward Burra.  I wanted to read it all around the Pallant House exhibition, and was glad that I had the relaxed time to do so.  Both the book and the exhibition have reinforced my desire to draw more.  This is something which was spurred by my printmaking classes.  It is so easy to get into habits and laziness around them when restricted to one mode of working - drawing, in my case.  I have become so used to drawing on the computer that I suddenly felt constrained when faced with monoprint or drypoint requirements.  I also so miss working with my soft pastels.
Reading David Hockney's conversations about his working methods recently also reinforced my determination to explore drawing and to widen my experience.  I was amused to read the article in today's Guardian newspaper where he makes a dig at artists like Damian Hirst using other craftspeople/artists to produce his works.
So, I have completed a first pass reading of  the excellent Contemporary Drawing by Margaret Davidson, which I'm sure I shall return to.  Just as I shall re-read a present from Christmas 2009: On Line: Drawing through the 20th Century.  And I am about to start reading and working with Drawing Projects: An exploration of the language of drawing to loosen myself up, and to discover/re-discover what it is I like to draw, and how.
I have also booked myself a treat of a long weekend of residential drawing workshop next month.

This is all part of my plan to sort myself out.  The studio is taking shape, and I have even started work on an experimental piece. 


marja-leena said...

Drawing to loosen up is a good thing! I've gotten away from doing enough of it though it used to be a favourite medium long ago.

That last paragraph leaves me in some admiration as well as envy. I need to get sorted out too after the holiday distractions. Wishing us both a creatively rich year ahead.

Olga said...

Marja-Leena, it has been over six years now since I took on daughterly duties, and so I find that sorting myself out is essential simply to get going again. But it all feels positive. Good luck with your own start to the year - from which no doubt good things will result.